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Cairnhill Property Management Services and Fees

What Is Included

Pre-Tenancy preparations which includes:

    1. Arrangement and Supervision of refurbishment by Cairnhill consultant if requested*
    2. General gas and electric safety check
    3. Arrangement of Professional Cleaning
    4. Preparation, explanation and signing of Tenancy Agreement
    5. Collection and holding of Security and rental deposits
    6. Detailed Professional Inventory with Video documentation of all items
    7. Detailed Move in briefing for tenant
    8. Arranging of utilities and necessary repairs
    9. Key holding service. For you and your tenants benefit
    10. 24/7 Online Property Portal for you and your tenant which gives you access to all documents including:
      • More than 20 Real time updated reports: Balance Sheets, General Ledger, Income Statements, Rental Owner Statements, Vendor Ledgers,
      • Current/Delinquent Tenants, Rent Paid and Rent Roll, Tenant Statements, Work orders, Completed Task and more.
      • Receipts for all transactions and fees.
      • All signed paper documentation uploaded in .PDF format.(Tenancy agreement, Inventory, etc.)
      • Online Request form and status update on outstanding request
      • Directory of useful contacts
    11. Bi-annual Property Visits. Double the industry norm. We believe it allows us to stay on top of any potential problems and also keep in touch with your tenants
    12. Arrangement of maintenance obligations
    13. Dealing with tenant queries
    14. Move out inventory
    15. Negotiations of deposits returned. We make sure the correct apportionment of deposit is returned at the end of the tenancy.
    16. Replacement/Refurbishment of furnishings . To keep your property in its best shape to attract the best tenants.
    17. Peace of mind. We know you are busy and we aim to take care of all the details and keep you updated as much as you want, or as little.

What Is Not Included

  • While our fees include many items that are charged as an industry norm, there are many cost that are the Landlord’s responsibility. This varies from property to property based on size, location, type (condo/house) and age. Some to bear in mind are:
    • Condo/facility management and sinking fund fees
    • Any official certificates by statuary boards, eg: 10yr structural certification by Building and Control Authority Singapore
    • Additional property visits above the regular quarterly schedule.
    • Supervision of any major contracted work. We are not licensed builders but are well experienced enough to provided feedback and supervision of works carried out.
    • Supervision of refurbishments
    • Key Cutting and/or remote gate duplication
    • Property Insurance cost
    • Accountant to prepare statements to your particular countries accounting standards.
    • Any other Property Related fees incurred.

Our Fees

We only provide one service, our full management service. We do extend part services to our clients on a case by case basis. Please call for a further discussion our our fees and what we can do for you.

  • Full Management fee: 12% of Gross Rent
    • There is no upfront fees. Only when we have placed and collected the first months rent from your tenant, will we deduct our fees on a monthly basis. If the tenant breaks the tenancy contract for some reason, we do not collect or charge a vacancy management fee.
    • There is a working fund deposit we will require you to place with us. This is to be used for any cost which you the landlord are responsible for. Usually it is from $500 to $1000 depending on the size and age of your property.
    • *Arrangement and Supervision of Refurbishment Fee is 10% of Furnishing Cost.