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How Professional Property Management can Maximizes your returns

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Home Staging Services: How to get the most value out of your investment

How Professional Property Management Maximizes your Returns

As landlords ourselves, we understand that the yield on your valuable investment is of the utmost importance, and that time is money. Some factors in achieving that equation are obvious, such as the Achieved Rental Rate and Vacancy periods. Others, however, are not so apparent, such as maintenance (both routine and ad hoc), tenant turnover, disputes, hidden “administration fees” and tenant default/turnover.

  • Our Experience avoids costly issues. Having done this hundreds of times, we’ve seen almost every problem, dealt with it, refined our processes and then done it again.
  • Relationships we’re built over time. With our long standing agents, contractors and industry peers, it means our maintenance, administration and overhead cost are kept low. Most importantly, their also done right.
  • Our investment is the latest technology. Such as our 100% Paperless Streamlined System and Online Property Portal means our operations are fast, efficient and most of all, accessible to you anytime. At Cairnhill we are strong advocates on making sure that our interests are aligned with yours. We feel this is the best way to do business and in fact, only way. We help you rent and manage your property, and we don’t make anything if you don’t.

What Our Customers Say:

“Being an Overseas landlord, I appreciate the Property Portal as it allows me to stay on top of my investments.”
– Landlord (UK)

“I’ve enjoyed my stay as anytime there was a problem, Cairnhill responded to my request fast! It was a most pleasant experience”
– Tenant (USA)

“I use to manage my own units, but as i expanded my portfolio, it became too troublesome. They (Cairnhill) have allowed me to concentrate of building my property portfolio by taking care of the day to day running”
– Landlord (China)