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Cairnhill Property Management – Tenants

Dear Tenants, Welcome to a Cairnhill Property Management. We are pleased to have you with us.     As your managing agent we aim to make your stay with us a pleasant one. Cairnhill Clients Login Here:
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As such, we’ve spent a good deal of time putting ourselves in your shoes to understand your needs and concerns. In fact, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already gone through our extensive and thorough move-in process, which we feel is key in starting off this stay on the right note.
Our aims for your stay are simple:

  • To be up front, transparent and fair in all matters, from your first viewing and moving in to your eventually moving out, our extensive process ensures you understand, among other things, the conditions of the tenancy, your rights as a tenant and safety issues. This can sometimes be a lengthy process but time here is well spent to ensure your stay is a pleasant one.
  • To provide convenient access to all your information, through your 27/7 online property portal which will contain all your documents (Tenancy Agreement, Move Inventory, etc), as well as a list of all your payments and your official rental receipts. You can submit request for repairs online or access our directory of useful and emergency contact information.
  • To respond to requests in a timely manner, and our online portal allows you to put in your request and monitor its progress. We are available during normal office hours but there is also a 24-hour contact number in the event of an emergency.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.


Your Sincerely,

Cairnhill Property Management Team